Best of 2020!

Guys, we survived! A little bruised, but we made it through 2020! I have been reflecting on my weddings from last year so much recently as I prepare to jump into wedding season. I went back and looked through my weddings from 2020 and as I look through these images, my heart is just so happy. I simply love what I do and I love each of these little love stories! I spend so much time getting to know some clients; especially if they book long before their big day. Or sometimes I'm in for an adventure with a new couple and I have no idea where its going to take me! Whatever the case may have been, I hope you know that your story sticks with me. I spend so much time working on your photos after the big day and I feel so invested in what these images will mean to you in the future. I tell all my clients that our goal is to tell your story through these images and I hope that you can all see that in your images. Thanks for making my 2020 something positive I can reflect on!