Romantic Destin FL Engagement Session

Kaycee and Albert were such a fun couple to work with! They had just recently moved to Destin and were really just getting settled. Kaycee and Albert are a military couple and this is their first move together. I was excited to meet them and got to hear a little bit about their love story. They are from Texas and met through a dating app! They hope to do a lot of traveling together and this is just their first location. These guys have great chemistry together and it showed right away!

Becoming a destination wedding photographer is a goal of mine and Kaycee and Albert's engagement session has been a huge break through for me as a professional. This session is currently scheduled to be published in two bridal magazines! I have also booked two destination weddings after sharing just four of these images. Like holy guacamole is this real life!? I feel like this session lit a fire in my soul. Obviously I love photography for so many reasons and being an Indiana wedding photographer is one of the most rewarding parts of my life. However, I have realized the new passion I have to travel and capture images of love all over the country and maybe the world! I love that I have a new goal and passion to inspire myself. I can't wait to see where this takes me and who I will get to meet!

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