Tips for Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline from a Published Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

As an Indianapolis Wedding Photographer, one thing I like to do for my clients is create a seamless wedding day timeline to make sure everyone knows where to be, when, and I have time and a plan to capture everything my clients want and more.

At this point in my photography career, I can whip out a perfect wedding day timeline in minutes, but it hasn’t always been that easy. At first, it took a lot of thinking, planning, revising and replanning.

Use these tips to make your own perfect wedding day timeline without having to do as much revising and replanning as I did at first:

1.) Always start from your ceremony time and work backwards. This will help you decide what time you need to start getting ready to have enough time to get all the shots you want to get before the ceremony.

2.) Allow at least 45-minutes for bride and groom portraits. You only get this day once. Don’t skimp on time and risk not getting all the bride and groom portraits you want. I promise, you will regret that!

3.) If the bride doesn’t want to be seen prior to the ceremony, she should be hidden at least 30-minutes before the start time. You will be amazed at how early people start showing up to your ceremony; especially the older folks! If the bride wants people to see her in her dress for the very first time when she walks down the aisle, build in 30 minutes of “hide” time before the ceremony.

4.) Print your timeline for everyone and hand it out at the rehearsal. If you want to make it even more clear when people in your family and bridal party should be where, highlight each person’s specific times for them. Making sure the wedding day timeline is crystal clear to everyone will really help your stress level the day of the wedding.

5.) Think about your guests as you plan. Yes, it is your day, but have you ever waited an hour-and-a-half for dinner after a 5 o'clock wedding? It can be pretty uncomfortable. As you plan your wedding day timeline, think about your guests and how to give them the very best experience while also creating the day of your dreams.

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